Board Members

Evelina Soldatenko

Evelina is the Chairwoman and a founding member of WIGA NYC. She overlooks strategy and general direction of WIGA NYC, liaises with other board members on organizational aspects and ensures effective future growth. Prior to relocating to New York, Evelina has worked in financial services in London, UK and her most recent role was within asset management. Evelina holds undergraduate degrees in Business Management from King’s College London and International Business from Vilnius University. She currently pursues Master’s of Science in Global Affairs at New York University.

Oksana Gapyuk

Oksana is a Treasurer and a founding member of WIGA NYC. Raised in Ukraine, she moved to New York in 2007 and since has been pursuing career in Global Affairs. Oksana is a graduate candidate at NYU SPS specializing in Transnational Security and aspiring to work at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has worked for the Consulate General of Ukraine in New York and interned for the UNA-USA. For the past 3 years, Oksana has been organizing successful fundraisers for the wounded in the Easter Ukraine and is trained in the mixed martial arts.

Martha Perez

Martha is the Education chair and founding Board Member at WIGA NYC. She has a displayed passion for environmental sustainability and was instrumental in renewable energy initiatives in Latin America and the Middle East. She has five years of private sector experience and held internships at the United Nations, U.S. Government and civil society.  She is also a Board Member and Young Professional's chair for the United Nations Foundation, Westchester Chapter. She is currently pursuing her Masters at New York University, concentrating in International Affairs and Global Futures.

Hillary Bakrie

Hillary is the Communication Board and a founding member of WIGA NYC.  Graduated with a  Master in Global Affairs from New York University, Hillary has  experiences in business development, strategic planning, and digital communication with a focus on sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. 

Hillary was awarded a scholarship from the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and currently works at the United Nations.  She is passionate about the use of technology, innovation, and digital storytelling for humanitarian development.

Yara Sayegh

Yara is a founding Board Member and Events Coordinator at WIGA NYC. Obtaining her Master’s in Global Affairs at the New York University, Yara specializes in two concentrations: Transnational Security and International Relations & Global Futures. Prior, Yara obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Studies from the American University of Beirut, specializing in Human Rights & Transitional Justice and Social & Political Thought. Yara has vast experience in different fields: research assistant, Paramedic in the Lebanese Red Cross, paralegal at an international law firm, working at the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York, and analytical researcher for the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies in Belgrade.